• FAQs

  • Are there rules and regulations homeowners in Starlight Cove must abide by?

    Yes, there are specific guidelines incorporated in our Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Rules & Regulations and Covenants & Restrictions that govern the actions our Board of Directors and the responsibilities and rights of individual homeowners in Starlight Cove.

  • Do city and county laws apply inside Starlight Cove?

    Yes, all Deerfield Beach and Broward County laws and ordinances apply within Starlight Cove. Some of the most common problems we see in the community are covered by these laws and subject to enforcement by Broward Sheriff officers and Code Enforcement.

    • Motorized scooters require a valid driver's license and approved helmet. Carrying a passenger and riding on sidewalks or in public parks is prohibited. Operation is permitted only during daylight hours and all speed limits and traffic laws must be followed.
    • Noise from, including but not limited to, barking dogs, music, televisions, voices, lawn equipment or power tools that crosses property boundaries is prohibited between 9 PM and 7 AM.
    • Parking on the grass swales, overnight parking in the street, and parking across the sidewalk is illegal.
    • Blocking the sidewalk is both a safety and serious liability issue for the homeowner should someone be hit by a vehicle when forced to walk in the street. BSO will ticket.
    • Pets must be kept on a leash and owners must clean up any excrement (even in their own yard!) left by their animals.
    • Trees must be maintained in compliance with City ordinances governing pruning, removal, and replacement. Properly licensed and insured professionals will know the approved methods and codes. Homeowners are subject to penalties and fines, whether or not a licensed professional is used.


  • What are the most common items homeowners should keep in mind when maintaining our homes?

    • An Architectural Review Board (ARB) form must be completed if you are planning to do anything to the exterior of your home. Items include, but are not limited to painting (whether changing colors or not),re-roofing, installing gutters, fences, or hurricane shutters.
    • Address numbers on houses cannot be larger than 4 inches tall.
    • Awnings must match the base color of your home. Any trim on the awning must match the trim color of your home.
    • Commercial vehicles must be stored in the garage. Only passenger vehicles may be left in your driveway.
    • Driveways can be painted or stained, but the color must match the base color of your house or the tile on your roof.
    • Fences must be either 4 feet tall bronze or black aluminum or 5-6 feet tall stucco wall painted the base color of your home. No wood or chain link permitted.
    • Hurricane shutter sills and headers must be painted the same color as the surface they are attached to.
    • Mailboxes must be kept looking good. If they are in need of replacement or repair, a notice will be sent to the owner.
    • Swale tree replacement requires permission from the City of Deerfield Beach AND an approved ARB . Trees removed must be replaced and the species must be approved by the city.
    • Unsightly items such as trash cans, basketball hoops, recycle bins, ladders or other items that are not a permanent part of your landscape or home must be stored where they cannot be seen from the street.
  • Can I paint my house any color?

    No, but the list of approved colors for Starlight Cove homes provides homeowners with an extensive palette of colors that complement the architecture of our homes. Also, painting requires an approved ARB form, even if you are using the same color schemes.

    Please go to our Community Info tab for more info.

  • Who owns the swale and who maintains it?

    The swale is an easement of property owned by the city of Deerfield Beach and maintained by the property owner.

  • Are our streets private or public?

    All of the streets in Starlight Cove are public roads and maintained by the city.