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  • The Future of Starlight Cove

    Homes in Starlight Cove are holding their value, even in today's down market. Joanne Smith, of Ballistreri Realty says, “You have the best kept secret, literally and figuratively, in Deerfield Beach! You have a destination-point community which everyone seems to want.”

    Homeowners in Starlight Cove are a talented, interesting, and diverse cross-section of our South Florida community. We do a super job of keeping our lawns and landscaping trimmed and attractive and have become a destination during the holidays for others to enjoy beautifully decorated homes.

    We know the names of our neighbors—even the dogs and cats who live next door. As one of the safest communities (according to BSO),  each homeowner has a vested interest in the success of Starlight Cove and the well-being of their neighbors.

    Homeowners are encouraged to take an active interest in the management of Starlight Cove by joining us for the monthly board meetings or serving as a board member.


    Housekeeping Guidelines - Rules & Regulations

    Being a good neighbor includes common courtesy, common sense, and responsibly maintaining your home.

    Be sure to keep up the maintenance. Lack of maintenance can lead to termites, requiring you to have your home tented or cause illness due to mold spores in the walls. Being so close to each other, a poorly-maintained home and one’s neglect impacts others who do maintain their homes, especially your immediate neighbors.

    Please report graffiti, beer can & bottle dumping, wrapper & plastic bag dumping at our entranceway to our Property Manager, Heidi Womack.

    In addition to City and County laws, owners are required to follow specific guidelines incorporated in our HOA By-Laws, Covenants & Restrictions, Rules & Regulations and Amendments. Please consult a copy of our HOA documents for a complete list of those guidelines.  Violation procedures are as follows:

    • A first notice of violation giving 30 days to correct will be sent
    • If not corrected after first notice, a 2nd notice giving 14 days to correct will be sent
    • If not corrected after second notice, a fine will be levied of $100 per violation per day. An opportunity to go before the fining committee will be given. If the committee accepts the fine, it will be assessed to your account.  

    In addition, an Architectural Review Board (ARB) form must be completed if you are planning to do anything to the exterior of your home. Items include, but are not limited to; painting (whether changing colors or not), re-roofing, installing gutters, fences, or hurricane shutters. To download and print an ARB form, click here.

    These guidelines are in place, voted on by a majority of the homeowners or the volunteers you have elected to the Board of Directors, to ensure consistency in the appearance of our community. Here are a few of the most common:

    • Address numbers on houses cannot be larger than 4" tall.
    • Awnings must match the base color of your home. Any trim on the awning must match the trim color of your home. An approved ARB is required before starting work.
    • Commercial vehicles must be stored in the garage. Only passenger vehicles may be left in your driveway.
    • Driveways & walkways approaching your front entrance may be painted or stained. The color must be one of the following; concrete color, the color of your roof tile (like a terra cotta, not red), or some of the lighter base colors of homes. In all cases, an approved ARB is required before starting work. The ARB should include the color you wish to use.  Do not paint or stain without prior ARB approval.
    • You may NOT paint or stain sidewalks, including the section of sidewalk between your driveway and driveway swale. The City of Deerfield Beach recently passed an ordinance forbidding the painting of sidewalks.The fine for offenders is $250 PER DAY.
    • Fences must be either 4' tall bronze or black aluminum or 5–6' tall stucco wall painted the base color of your home. No wood or chain link permitted. An approved ARB is required before starting work.
    • Hurricane shutter sills and headers must be painted the same color as the surface they are attached to.  You must submit an ARB for all accordion or other aluminum shutters prior to installation. You must state color of same. Colors should be very light tan or off-white.  Pure white is not acceptable and will not be approved. An approved ARB is required before starting work.
    • Mailboxes must be kept looking good. If they are in need of replacement or repair, a notice will be sent to the owner. For mailbox regulations, click here.
    • Painting requires an approved ARB form, even if you are using the same color scheme. 20 color schemes are available to choose from, however different color schemes cannot be mixed and matched. Painting protects your walls and wood. It keeps out moisture and deters bugs.
    • Swale tree replacement requires permission from the City of Deerfield Beach AND an approved ARB form. Trees that were removed must be replaced and the species must be approved by the city. To review the city's residential landscape requirements, click here.
    • Tree trimming - in addition to those homeowners who need to replace their swale trees, we also need homeowners to trim their mature shade trees as needed to keep them  from interfering with power lines & street lights.  Although we have been under the impression that either the City or FPL were responsible for trimming these trees it is, in fact, the responsibility of homeowners to keep their swale trees trimmed so they do not interfere with utility lines & lights.  Tree clippings & coconuts must be collected and either removed from your property or placed in front of your property on Sunday for bulk pickup on Monday.  Please ensure that no tree clippings or coconuts end up in our lakes or canals as they can clog the drains.
    • Unsightly items such as trash cans, basketball hoops, recycle bins, ladders or other items that are not a permanent part of your landscape or home must be stored where they cannot be seen from the street.
    • No parking in the swale areas.
    • Storage sheds must be completely hidden from street view and must be the same color as the House Body color.
    • Doors must be painted the House Trim color. Glass windows are permitted on front doors.
    • All lawns must be cut in a timely manner and trimmed as well as edged.
    • Satellite dishes must be out of sight from the road way as well as adjacent neighbors' view.
    • No landscaping or vines are permitted to grow on the facade on the house.
    • Owners not in compliance will be cited. Non-compliance may result in fines.

    Some City and/or County ordinances that are subject to citation by BSO Code Enforcement, including but not limited to:

    • Motorized scooters require a valid driver’s license and approved helmet. Carrying a passenger and riding on sidewalks or in public parks is prohibited. Operation is permitted only during daylight hours and all speed limits and traffic laws must be followed.

    Noise  from, including but not limited to, barking dogs, music, televisions, voices, lawn equipment or power tools that crosses property boundaries is prohibited between 9:00 pm–7:00 am.

    • We have seen an increase in the number of parking violations in our neighborhood and would like to inform residents that the Broward Sheriff's Office has already begun ticketing for parking violations in our neighborhood.  Residents are not allowed to park in the streets overnight, nor can their vehicles block the sidewalks.  Blocking the sidewalk is both a safety and serious liability issue for the homeowner should someone be hit by a vehicle when forced to walk in the street. BSO will ticket.  Parking on the swale (the grass between the sidewalk and the street) or on your home's lawn is also prohibited, as is the parking of boats and commercial vehicles in your driveway.  Residents who violate these parking rules can be ticketed by BSO and/or fined by the association up to $100/incident.  Click here for a diagram of the correct & incorrect ways to park in the front of your home.  
    • Pets must be kept on a leash and owners must clean up any excrement (even in their own yard!) left by their animals.

    • Trees must be maintained in compliance with City ordinances governing pruning, removal and replacement. Properly licensed and insured professionals will know the approved methods and codes. Homeowners are subject to penalties and fines, whether or not a licensed professional is used. To review the city's residential landscape requirements, click here.
    • No fishing, swimming or boating permitted in our lakes.
    • As mentioned in #5 above above, you may NOT paint or stain sidewalks.  If you do, the City will fine you $250 PER DAY.


    Trash Pickup & Recycling

    Starlight Cove's Schedule is as follows

    • Monday & Thursday - Household trash and garbage
    • Monday - Bulk trash (furniture, appliances, mattresses) & yard trimmings (leaves, grass, weeds, hedge trimmings)


    New Recycling Guidelines

    Please click here for the new July 1, 2020 trash & recycling guidelines.

    Special Waste Recycling

    Paint, propane cylinders, florescent bulbs, NICAD batteries—rechargeables, tires, anti-freeze, used motor oil & filters, auto batteries cannot be recycled at curbside.

    Please drop off these items at:

    Residential Recycling & Special Waste Drop-off Center

    401 SW 4th Street
    Deerfield Beach, FL 33441
    Hours: Mon-Fri 8 am - 5 pm, Saturday 8 am - 12pm


  • Approved House Colors

    Our Homeowner Association (HOA) documents allow the board to develop a list of approved paint colors that complement the architecture of Starlight Cove homes.

    Please click here for the list of Starlight Cove approved house colors.

    Please keep in mind...

    1. our bylaws prohibit immediately adjacent homes from being painted in the same options.
    2. you need an approved ARB (Architectural Review Board) form before you begin work—even if you are repainting using the same color!
    3. color codes from different paint options cannot be mixed and matched.
    4. painting garage doors in a wood grain faux finish is NOT allowed.

    To view the actual colors please visit Sherwin Williams' website at https://www.sherwin-williams.com/homeowners/color, then click on the search box in upper left side and put in the number of the color you wish to see.  This will then show you the color and give you the color name for that number.  POSITIVELY NO MIXING COLOR COMBINATIONS.  

    Due to individual computer monitor limitations, colors seen may not accurately reflect Sherwin-Williams paint colors. To confirm your color choices, visit our neighborhood Sherwin-Williams store below and refer to the in-store color cards.


    Sherwin Williams Store #2901
    4171 W Hillsboro Blvd
    Coconut Creek, FL 33073-2154
    Phone: (954)596-2116


    Hurricane Preparedness

    June 1 - December 1 is officially hurricane season in South Florida.

    As we approach June 1st each year, many comprehensive hurricane preparedness guides are published and available free from local media and businesses. Please be sure to use those resources. Many of our Starlight Cove residents are hurricane veterans and understand the importance of being prepared.

    June is the time to

    • start stocking up on canned goods and bottled water, prescription drugs and supplies for your pets.
    • trim your trees and shrubs and tidy-up your landscape.
    • ensure all your roof tiles are secured and damaged ones are replaced.

    When we are threatened by a storm

    • remove all patio furniture, pots, and other items from your patio, lawns and back garden. Strip your outdoor space down bare as all of these items are potential projectiles, not only to your home, but also your neighbors’ in a hurricane.  
    • let your neighbors know if you are staying in your home or contact information if you are leaving

    If we are hit by a storm

    • check on your neighbors
    • be courteous and patient.
    • help each other
    • stay off the roads until order is restored
    • secure your damaged property as best as you can


    Guidelines for Responsible Pet Owners

    Animal waste can cause disease and jeopardizes a clean water supply if not disposed of properly. We’ve all found “deposits” in our yards that we’re not happy about, but one homeowner got fed up enough to install a motion-sensing camera to catch the perpetrator.

    Sure enough, the camera caught a fellow neighbor allowing his dog to do his business in the swale area in front of her house. Confronted, he refused to pick up after his dog! The homeowner called BSO, who cited the neighbor with a warning ordering him to clean it up or face a fine!

    Both Broward County Ordinances and Deerfield Beach City Code, require owners to clean up after their pets or face a fine  up to $500.

    Deerfield Beach City Code, Sec. 10-6. Animals defecating on private and public property; penalty.

    It shall be unlawful for any person while walking a dog or cat or walking or riding a horse to allow such animal to defecate on private property not owned by such person or on public streets or swales or sidewalks without removing such defecation, provided that the maximum penalty for violation of this section shall not exceed $100.00 for the first offense and $500.00 for each subsequent offense.(Code 1979, § 3209; Ord. No. 1997/003, § 1, 3-18-97; Ord. No. 1997/013, § 1, 4-15-97)

    Broward County Animal Care and Regulation Ordinance, Chapter 4, Sec. 4-8. Permitting Animal to Commit a Nuisance. 

    It shall be a violation of this section for any person who owns or harbors any Animal to permit said Animal to defecate upon:

    • The sidewalk of any public street; or
    • Any public park or beach, or school ground, other than in areas designated for that purpose; or
    • Any private property not belonging to the owner of the Animal unless said person makes an immediate effort to remove any feces deposited by the Animal; 
    • Any swale or street right-of-way serving to convey storm water to a canal, lake, or other receiving water; unless said person makes an immediate effort to remove any feces deposited by the animal.



    Water Restrictions

    The two-day of the week to water are Thursdays and Sundays. Watering is a year-round Broward County Ordinance.  For more information, visit



    Clean Green Bulk Trash Collection

    Summer is the height of growing season, which means more yard debris. The city's Recycling and Solid Waste Division picks up "green" bulk trash, but residents' assistance is needed to make this service more effective. Residents are reminded to limit bulk yard waste to only clean green waste, which includes branches, limbs, all yard trimmings and bagged grass clippings. The city recently launched a designated green waste truck to collect only clean yard waste and deliver it to a recycling facility, where the material is repurposed into new products, such as mulch.

    “This separate collection will save the city in processing costs, but it must be absolutely clean and free of garbage or other material to make this cost savings work,” says Mario Reboa, Solid Waste and Recycling Superintendent. When placing yard waste curbside for bulk trash collection, it must be kept separate from other debris. Separation is also important following a hurricane.

    Both green bulk waste and regular bulk trash will be collected on residents’ regular scheduled bulk trash day. The two types of bulk trash materials must be six feet apart and placed curbside by 7 AM the morning of collection, but not more than 24 hours prior to pick up. The service is ONLY for Deerfield Beach residents - private landscaping companies must remove yard debris created from their work.

    Following these guidelines will assist the city's efforts to reduce costs while creating a greener environment. For more information about Recycling or Solid Waste services in Deerfield Beach, call 954-480-4391 or 954-480-4391.



    Mosquito Bite Protection 

    Click here to review the Mosquito Bite Protection in Florida document.